Here's why I still am the poet I used to know and be: Defining poetry

I've got a story to tell you. I still has to write it. It's not a story actually but a poem.Written last year, this poem is my way of defining poetry and one that tells a story by which, as the hardest part of writing is how to start and could be made easy by not writing anything at all, writers have still to write what has already been long ago written and for what is to come. Because everything in life, as what Sylvia Plath once said, is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it and the imagination to improvise. She even warns about the worst enemy to creativity, and that is self-doubt. I hope you will enjoy reading this poem of mine and the story it might compel you to create.

If the list contains more than one
of whose names signed.

If you refer to more than one piece from
the same
but also  exactly what you wish

from each and
exactly where without  any
intervening punctuation.

If you are citing only a part
if the part is the same
the list of works

detailed and precise
if more than one piece from
the same is not the only way.

The abstract would replace
the spelled in the text
must match if your list contains

more than one piece
with the same—
like other way—

since each piece
is unique
if the figuring out

can only be effective.
If logic requires
as you continue

even if the list contains
much of the same.
Clarify. Ensure. Add.

Sometimes you should omit
the possible components
that are

not available on your own processor.
The meaning contrasts with its words.
Emotion transforms.


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