Betrayal of a Public Trust: The case with Trillanes

Yesterday's verbal confrontation between senate president Juan Ponce Enrile and senator Trillanes, which ended up the senate president calling Trillanes a "fraud and a coward" while the young senator walked his way out from the senate session hall, showed how divided this country has become. The said word war has revealed some delicate informations/issues concerning the Philippine's trying to solve the sovereignty issue with China over the disputed Spratly islands and the Scarborough shoal. Trillanes, as what the news said, volunteered himself before the president to become a backdoor negotiator. But what was really intriguing came out when Enrile himself read the notes acquired from the former Philippine envoy to China Sonia Brady documenting the Trillanes mission which, according to experts in diplomatic processes, could only do more harm than good.

The veteran senator Enrile accused Trillanes of selling Philippine sovereignty to the Chinese during his mission by which he was the backdoor negotiator and even went on to describe further about his exposition of the man as something that will unmask the Phantom of the Opera in Philippine politics. Enrile, referring to the notes he was reading, said: "He (Trillanes) told the Chinese that we cannot enforce our own coastal protection.  That our fishermen are living on subsistence living. That they cannot go too far so they can give the (disputed) part of the waters to us."

Trillanes, on the other hand, accused the senate president as an Arroyo ally and even went on to say that he was just using this issue to divert everyone's attention. For Trillanes, Enrile was no other than someone who would accomodate for the benefit of the former president Arroyo's allies especially in the dividing of the Camarines Sur into two. But no matter where this issue shall end, which I hope to see two of the country's high-ranking officials getting reconciled with each other, the point is when can this country of ours experience unity and learn from its mistakes? If the notes (considered confidential) that Enrile has brought to the open is proven valid and true, then what can we say of Trillanes? Should we just ignore or tolerate what he has said, according to the notes Enrile was reading, to the Chinese diplomats that "In the Philippines, no one cares about Scarborough shoal."

"My God, this guy is a fraud," to echo what was Enrile was thinking about the young senator who has claimed himself a patriot, was just a normal reaction upon discovering someone's act of betrayal. How can a Philippine Military Academy graduate navy captain and now the senator of the Republic of the Philippines easily just slipped into the dragon's lair and fed him what might be used against us? Has he had this rebelious instinct in him keeping the fire alive in his heart  for the cause of what he believed in or for the cause of whatever interest it can do him favor? The man who led a failed mutiny at Oakwood in 2003 against the Arroyo administration should have long ago died fighting for what he believed in or now a dictator of this country with his military junta. But politics, Philippine politics I was saying, perhaps becoming just too infectious and that he gets his share of the disease. How stupid these people who have elected him while he was in prison serving his sentence for treason.

Enrile was right in saying about Trillanes: "He is supposed to be a trained military man but he does not know anything about military strategy." China may be far more superior in terms of military might compared to us, but we can't allow them or anyone to just easily  take from us what is truly ours. If they're going to exploit such an advantage and invade us, then let them. We will fight them with what we've got: courage. And that's what matters most. Diplomatic means to solve this territoral dispute is vital and necessary, but with China seemed like not cooperating at all by refusing to bring this case to UNCLOS, then we must prepare for the worst.

Instead of betraying our country and conniving with the enemies, why not die fighting for the only country we've got and for our rights? I remember a novel I read a few years back titled Lord of Darkness which I forgot who the author was, in the middle of a conversation between the middle-aged Knight serving during the time of the Crusades in the Holy Land, and his beautiful, and young captive lady from the Moors who have asked him this question: "Are you afraid of death?" The Knight, which is also called the Lord of Darkness, just smiled and said: "If my time has come it will find me wherever I am, whatever I am doing. I shall not be able to avoid her sting. But only in the manner of death which I may die, I prefer to die holding in my arm a sword facing the enemies or in bed making love to a beautiful woman."


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