Tinnitus and its conservative treatment

Tinnitus is, in fact, not a disease but a condition that springs from a lot of causes. Sufferers of this mostly experience a ringing inside the ear but with the absence of any source of external noise. Some of the causes leading to tinnitus are neurological damage, nasal allergies preventing fluid drain, foreign objects in the air, wax build-up, and ear infections. Tinnitus, if left untreated, might result to a serious hearing loss.

Perhaps one of the things a tinnitus sufferer needs not to worry about is that it can be treated. This article will focus on the conservative treatment of the said ear problem. We can choose from among these lists of alternative remedies: acupuncture and acupressure, bach flower remedy, meditation, chiropractic, autosuggestion, ayurveda, color therapy, deep breathing, aromatherapy, Alexander technique, biofeedback, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, guided imagery and visualization, and reflexology and relaxation.

Changing one's lifestyle may also help a tinnitus sufferer. For example, to quit smoking as nicotine plays a very important role to create respiratory and circulatory problems which, in one way or another, may affect the ears. High caffeine products should also be avoided.

A good blood circulation is very important for someone suffering tinnitus. A regular exercise is highly recommended. Eating a well--balanced diet is also a must. Adequate sleep and rest may help boost the immune system which can improve overall health. To use a therapeutic noise generator which looks very similar to a hearing aid to be worn by a tinnitus sufferer for not less than eight hours a day will be of great help.

Treating tinnitus, however, may vary from one patient to another. It will be more like a trial and error process. It is to figure out what will work from what's not. Sometimes, it will take time for a certain remedy to take effect for healing. Be patient.


  1. The only Tinnitus treatment you will be able to truly get rid of tinnitus from your life is to discover the source of the problem and educate yourself, learning from individuals that have successfully adopted methods and strategies to help them. Medical treatment is one way to curb tinnitus. It is adapted by those who do not want to sacrifice their time for a long time treatment.

    1. Thank you for sharing us your thoughts. Tinnitus is, indeed, a life altering condition but treatable.

  2. Restoration of hearing, even partially, can reduce or eliminate the symptoms completely. This can be done by placing implants in the center of the cochlea. It is the fluid part of the ear responsible for amplifying external sound signals.


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