What"s your idea of a dance date?

Dancers are everywhere but how many of the single persons there are to find who also want to dance?  Dance dating could be fun, exciting, passionate, and adventurous. Imagine that out of such a great dancing you always love can lead to knowing someone (as in a complete stranger) better. Dance dating is all about great dancing, socializing, and a fun easy way to date someone else.

Dancing has become a medium for people to connect with each other so be the first one to dance on the floor. That will serve as a signal to others for them to join in. It has been said that relationships are like a dance; it will put your kindness, sense of rhythm, patience, and confidence to the test. It’s all about choosing your own partner but believing that every person who chooses his or her own dance is beautiful in his or her own right.

To dance is to communicate to the other person, to feel the music, your partner, and allowing him or her to also feel what you have felt in such a way that there is a state of union or togetherness between the two of you. Date dancing is to attract your partner to be intimately one with you allowing each other to explore, without trying too hard, every form of dance you can imagine of what is beautiful.

Contrary to what some people have referred to date dancing as a “game”, it is not as there are guidelines to follow in choosing someone to dance with. The point of dating is to unite with another person and, in this case, dancing is just the medium. Although partner dancing does not come naturally to most people, practice and more practice is the key to become good at it. Dating, just like dancing, also requires practice and more practice.

Finding a partner for life is something that can’t be done overnight. You can’t just dance it all away one night and bang!--you found the love of your life. But dancing will serve as the springboard for a more serious relationship that will most probably develop later on.

So be the first on the dance floor. Make sure to wear something categorized as not too hot in or not too cold in outfit. Wear a deodorant. Make sure to have a breath mint. Wear a moderate make up. Set a goal, be it in finding a partner that could probably lead to a serious relationship. If it never turned out good, make it an enjoyable, learning experience.  Look your partner in the eyes while dancing. Be creative. Think positive.

Enjoy the dance. Dancing is something we can relate more at and it helps us learn more about relationships in general. Be confident. Exit gracefully. Relationships may fail, or your dream guy or gal turned out to be the wrong guy or gal it’s okay though. Take a deep breath, and find yourself a new partner to dance with.


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