Pacquiao to win via the short route against Bradley

With only less than 24 hours to the big night where Pacquiao and Bradley will lock horns inside the squared circle, the question to ask must not be if Bradley could win but rather if how much longer he can handle a Pacquiao pressure. And, not to underestimate Bradley's capability, the answer could be found in how far his endurance and durability might take him. If he can calm the Pacquiao storm blistering across, around, and through him and replicate it with the storm of his own, then maybe the tide would turn and he can pull an upset. But it seems like the Pacquiao fury is far from over and even rejuvinates itself anew leaving Bradley a standing target all night long if he can't find a way to pedal himself away to safety. Or perhaps he would have a better version of Clottey's "turtle" defense contented enough of just surviving the onslaught instead of winning the fight. It would be a very convincing and quick victory for the Pacman where speed is once again, and for always, the thing that kills. How much more if that speed is accompanied with a pack of power. Pacquiao will be too much for Bradley to handle.

But Bradley is really in a very good shape and as hungry as a lion for this fight. He will do everything to win so it would be a very action-packed boxing match to witness. It would even become a candidate for the Fight of the Year if ever the "desert storm" in Bradley could negate the Pacman storm raging across the Pacific. If things goes well and Pacquiao finds an opening, Bradley will kiss the canvass much sooner than we thought. The fight will not go past 6 rounds. Well, let's see!


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