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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pacquiao bows to Bradley in a very controversial split decision

In a fight where Pacquiao was clearly dominating most of the rounds came out the most unfair decission made by the judges. Judge Jerry Roth scored it (115-113) in favor of Pacquiao while CJ Ross (115-113) and Duane Ford (115-113) gave it to Bradley to win via a split decission. Still, we have to respect the decission no matter how biased it has become. After all, this is boxing and boxing means business. Pacquiao accepted his defeat in a polite manner saying, "I accept what the result is," when asked in an interview about what he can say about the decission. "I respect the judges, I cannot blame them. It is a part of the game. I give thanks to the Lord. I do my best but my best wasn't good enough," he continued.

But this is boxing and boxing means business. I should have known better that prior to the actual fight, for the business to keep alive and earn more, the Pacman should lose because if he has gotten the decission over Bradley then who will be these worthy (I mean like those that can generate millions of dollars) opponents he should be facing next? Mayweather is not yet available and a fourth encounter with Marquez will not be as exciting as it used to. A Pacquiao-Bradley 2 could mean millions of dollars and a trilogy will be a millions more.

Or perhaps some people may see it differently. That boxing, with all the bad judging and controversies, has become a dying sport? Will the fans then realized and get into the light of truth that they have to stop patronizing the sport that made the fools out of them?

Pacquiao to win via the short route against Bradley

With only less than 24 hours to the big night where Pacquiao and Bradley will lock horns inside the squared circle, the question to ask must not be if Bradley could win but rather if how much longer he can handle a Pacquiao pressure. And, not to underestimate Bradley's capability, the answer could be found in how far his endurance and durability might take him. If he can calm the Pacquiao storm blistering across, around, and through him and replicate it with the storm of his own, then maybe the tide would turn and he can pull an upset. But it seems like the Pacquiao fury is far from over and even rejuvinates itself anew leaving Bradley a standing target all night long if he can't find a way to pedal himself away to safety. Or perhaps he would have a better version of Clottey's "turtle" defense contented enough of just surviving the onslaught instead of winning the fight. It would be a very convincing and quick victory for the Pacman where speed is once again, and for always, the thing that kills. How much more if that speed is accompanied with a pack of power. Pacquiao will be too much for Bradley to handle.

But Bradley is really in a very good shape and as hungry as a lion for this fight. He will do everything to win so it would be a very action-packed boxing match to witness. It would even become a candidate for the Fight of the Year if ever the "desert storm" in Bradley could negate the Pacman storm raging across the Pacific. If things goes well and Pacquiao finds an opening, Bradley will kiss the canvass much sooner than we thought. The fight will not go past 6 rounds. Well, let's see!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Redefining quality education: Should the K12 program of the DepEd be the best solution?

With the DepEd (Department of Education) aiming to promote the quality of education in the Philippines has introduced the K12 program taking effect today which is also the opening of the class for this school year. The K12 model involves Kindergarten, six years of elementary education, four years of junior high school (Grades 7 to 10) and two years of senior high school (Grades 11 to 12). In my humble opinion, it is a wise move by the DepEd ONLY IF they were able to look into and addressed well first the very core of the problems leading to poor quality of education in the Philippines. How could one expect quality education to result from overcrowded classrooms (add to it the burden involving poor school facilities) and the shortage of competent teachers? It could mean additional expenses, too, for the parents who are sending kids to school that the extended schooling may have cost and brought.

At this point of time, quality education can not be measured in the number of years one has to spend in school but in the effectiveness of such a teacher-student transformation taking place. Quality education must be free and available to everyone. With excellent school facilities, competent teachers, and all other problems given solutions, I think ten years are enough. Why prolong when the basic needs for school are still to be addressed? Redefining quality of education in the Philippines only takes a common sense. The solution, very simple (much more like of a common sense thing than coming up with a seeming bright idea that will only complicate the situation): equip the school with better facilities, free tuition, eradicate corruption from among the department's high-ranking officials to the lowest, and train teachers to become most competent and increase their salaries. It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education, to quote from Robert Green Ingersoll, than to have education without common sense.

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