Should transgenders be allowed to compete in the all-male or all-female contests?

This year's Miss Canada Universe hopeful was found out to be a transgender. Jenna Talackova is a 23-year-old stunning beauty who made it as one of the 65 finalists of Miss Canada Universe 2012. She was rejected from the contest but then somehow reinstated and even the Miss Universe governing body has agreed with in allowing transgenders now to compete. The decision earned both the negative and positive reactions from the different level of the society. But should we really allow transgenders to compete in the Miss Universe pageant?

The world has become more liberal than ever and yet we somehow forgot what liberty, in its truest sense and form, is all about. We have become too sensitive when it comes to our own freedom and rights without knowing that freedom along with our rights, are not all the time absolute. In every freedom comes a great responsibility and one that conforms with the moral standard. I'm not saying that these individuals in the third sex category have no place in the society at all and to live a normal life like anyone else does but to rather put them and their interests in the right place. Yes, we are now in the 21st century but that shouldn't mean we should as well think like we're an altered species all in the name of rights and freedom. Some things are best left alone and transgenders, in such a case as this one, should not interfere with a contest only intended for women. For though transgenders may be as beautiful or more beautiful and intelligent than a real woman, yet nothing can replace or twist the truth about the fact that a real woman can become. As a suggestion, why don't we have Miss Transgender Universe pageant instead?

Transgenders are, just like anyone of us, people who deserve our respect, love, attention, and acceptance. We must, therefore, have a broad-minded approach so as we could understand about them all the best and more. Of course, we as well expect of them to cooperate.


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