Are you in favor of a same-sex marriage?

8 division world champion boxer Manny Pacquiao's stance against same-sex marriage may sound a closed-minded view to many but such has gained him respect for those who still believe in the moral obligation each one of us must need to establish and maintain. The world has changed a lot and we're now living in a very different time. O tempora! O mores! (Oh the times! Oh the manners!) But no matter how much we have changed for a lot of reasons, we're still living in the same world. We're still human beings who feel the same need for love, acceptance, and belongingness. The more that a thing changes, the more it will lead us to the truth of what it is. We must, therefore, do all things for the glory of God. Marriage should only be the union of a man and woman and not between two persons of the same sexes.

I have a great respect for the people in the third sex category and I encourage them to learn to live together in peace and harmony with everyone. It's not their fault, neither ours nor anybody else's. We need to respect each other and help promote the individual rights and freedom of every person. BUT one thing I would like everyone to remind about though: the world needs a moral standard by which we can all adhere upon, despite all our differences, to save it from corruption. Same-sex marriage? It should not be.


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