5 reasons why Jessica Sanchez can't be the next American Idol

American Idol season 11 has just  crowned Phillip Phillips as the grand winner in a very tight competition with Filipina-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez. Some 130 million votes have been cast and has unified two minority groups in the U.S., the Filipino and Mexicans, to root for Jessica. It's a sight you can not see in boxing where Filipinos and Mexicans are best known to be rivals. Jessica had, without question, a very powerful voice. It's in that aspect that Jessica has a notch higher advantage over Phillip. It reminds me of our very own Charice Pempengco and Sam Concepcion in a singing contest long ago. Charice is a pure talent while Sam, on the other hand, though never had that so powerful a voice that Charice possesses, is a crowd favorite. He performs like he can make up in performance for what he lacked in a powerful voice and add to it the charismatic self that he has had making him the darling of the crowd. Charice then lacked that "charisma" thing to win the hearts of the majority but most especially the judges. Sam won as the grand champion while Charice settled for the 2nd place. Charice must have realized the importance of a charismatic persona to add to her already beautiful voice. And by doing so she would have gotten a new name: Charice "charism" Pempengco. And that counts a lot.

Now back to Jessica Sanchez (in my heart she won), she will become a new big name in the music industry. Her voice is just as fantastic as it is powerful. But why she can't be the next American Idol? The following are just five of the reasons why Jessica Sanchez can't be the next American Idol:

1. She's a minority.  Whether you agree or not, it contributes a lot for her not winning the American Idol crown.

2. Discrimination. One can not discount the fact that discrimination may have played a very important role to put Jessica down especially in the Grand Finale portion. It must be known that it was the American Idol organizers who will choose for what songs Jessica and Phillip must be singing. The song "Change nothing", although Jessica had sing it well, is not the type of song to really show of her beautiful voice. Phillip's performance, on the other hand, and as charismatic as he can be, was so impressive. The production was so grand and great. Which could lead us to think and asked why they (the American Idol organizers) never also did to Jessica.

3. Jessica deserves more than just an American Idol crown. She's the best.

4. She would break records. If she won, she would be the youngest to be crowned American Idol at 16. She would also be the first one to have won the crown who has a Filipino blood in her veins.

5. American Idol are for the Americans only especially the white-skinned ones. Jessica represents something more, not just the Americans, Filipinos, and Mexicans, but all of those who believe in her talent.

Congratulations to Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez! You're both wonderful and you made all that you represent about so proud!


  1. Americans only, Phil Phillips also has a ethnic background maybe German,I don`t know.He and Jessica are both the same, american singers.Only true blood american is the Indian.No,famous singers are Indians.

    1. When I say "Americans only" I'm referring to the white-skinned Americans. Phillips may have had a portion of European blood in his veins but the fact that he's white, therefore, belonging to the majority group of people living in the United States of America.


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