The Chinese are coming: Standoff at Scarborough Shoal

A few days back, Chinese fishing boats were spotted by the Philippine Navy sailing within the 200-nautical-mile limit Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone at Scarborough Shoal which is 125 nautical miles off the shores of Zambales in Luzon, Philippines. Philippine battleship BRP Gregorio del Pilar was on the area to check on the said intruders with, of course, the rules of engagement strictly observed and followed. This particular act of intrusion into Philippine territories by Chinese nationals is not only showing disrespect to Philippine sovereignty for that matter but one, most importantly, raising environmental concerns as well as the Philippine Navy found out that these Chinese fishermen are fishing and acquiring some of the endangered species protected under Philippine Laws.

Two Chinese surveillance ships immediately arrived in the said area positioning in-between the Philippine battle ship and the Chinese fishing boats and even ordered the Filipino battleship to leave the area as they have said the Shoal belongs to China. The captain of BRP Gregorio del Pilar retaliated by ordering the intruders to leave the area as it was within Philippine waters. The standoff ended up in diplomatic protests for each other from both countries. The Chinese are coming and showing no respect. The have violated international laws of the sea several times in the past and they will again do it in the present and future.

I think it's about time that we Filipinos should all unite as one people and act. It's about time for all of us to do something for our country; to ask not what our country can do for us, as what John F. Kennedy was quoted as saying, but to rather ask what we can do for our country. It's about time to strengthen more our alliance with the US, for them to come to our aid and fight with us, by out of which we as well fought alongside with during World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. It's about time to build our nation strong, figuratively and literally. It's about time to end our domestic conflicts and differences and to focus more on the much serious issues like external threats, etcetera. It's about time, for all of us, to choose a strong leader among us, an iron man yet God-fearing who will lead us all to victory, unity, peace, and prosperity. It's about time to show to the world once more, and for all time to come, that the Filipino race is a great race--being the direct descendants of the once mighty Shri-Vijayan empire--by whom people must pay respect with. Even though China may have the largest and strongest army, I can always find comfort in the words of American general Douglas MacArthur when he said: "give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world." Because if God is for us, to quote from the Holy Bible in Romans 8: 31, who can be against us?


  1. the question is, do we have the favor of God?

    are you aware that we voted against Israel twice in the UN Assembly --- first about the accusation that they store nuclear weapons (the vote costed us Ondoy) and the second is we permitted Palestine to become a nation by dividing Israel so they could have a territory?

    because we voted against His nation, we are now a country awaiting His judgment --- maybe losing Spratlys, maybe more earthquakes, maybe further advances by Anwar Saadat to control Philippine-based companies to render the nation unproductive.

    we cannot just use a bible verse whenever we want to. we have to quote it in the proper context. Romans 8 talks about intimacy with God, intimacy that God promises us the Holy Spirit, His provisions, His promises. Men who are not intimate with God will never have a chance to partake in this, and we, as a country, are we a nation close to God?

    we cannot say that we are close to God because we are a Christian country. Look up Matthew 7:21-23. We call to Him, but we're not doing His will.

    I really love to hear that we've won the Shoal, but to tell you, this is a very serious praying matter.

    1. First of all, I would like to thank you for your comments. God's nation is not just Israel in the land of Palestine. There is the other "Israel" composed of many races of many nations of the Earth who believes in the true living God and follow His commandments. Weapons of mass destruction must be at all times banned and by doing so God would be delighted. The Philippines is not against Israel when it voted against it in the UN Assembly but what only is for the weapons of mass destruction to be totally destroyed.

      God never sent Ondoy and other calamities as a punishment just because we disagree with Israel but these things are happening because God wanted us to rely more on Him. Intimacy with God is to have that confidence in you to allow God to rule over you--a personal relationship. Once you start to doubt about such a relationship you had with Him you will then begin to get confused by asking, "do I have God's favor?"

    2. i am not doubting God in my personal relationship, He is very alive in my life and in my family; I am weighing God's favor to our country. Remember Jeremiah as he mourns for Israel --- God punished Israel, and though Jeremiah had God's favor, he experienced the devastation as well.

      The call for us is, as a nation, develop intimacy with God - not just mere repeated prayers that God despised as stated in Ezekiel and the Beatitudes. Before we call on God to move for the Shoal, let's begin with the end in mind; His kingdom first before the country.

      And by the way, if you've dare go through the history of Spratlys and the shoal, there are surprises that stake more than just land

    3. Didn't Jesus teach us how to pray? The Lord's Prayer, though may be repeated over and again, is the best prayer we could ever have and say. But, of course, we could still pray to God in our own way. What's important is that, in a prayer, we open our hearts for God to enter. God never actually intent to punish anyone or anything; but our disobedience to Him will and we suffered the consequences.

      The case with Spratly might be a different thing for some reasons, but we must also remember to protect and fight for what is truly ours. We may be too tiny a nation against China, but we have the right and freedom, as well, to live as a people. People who recognized and worship a true living God where the communist China has long abolished.


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