Love restores a broken relationship

Looking for a perfect relationship? You will never find it. Relationships are never without a flaw and a challenge. It is through the imperfections that we are motivated to make a relationship works and to bring it to the point where we can always do something to improve it. There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, but the trials endured together strengthen it.

It's easy to say we love someone, but the problem lies in the translation of such wonderful words into actions. I was writing this essay with a hope of reminding everyone about the importance of love in a relationship and especially because today is Valentine's Day. And because today is a special day for lovers, we can make it everyday of the year if we try.

Now back to the main topic, relationships may fail but love restores them. Our willingness to accept the fact that love can do the works for us will be the defining factor in saving a relationship that is on the brink of a collapse. Love restores what has been broken.

Love is slow to build; it is a process. You've got to plant its seeds and nurture them till they grow into a beautiful flower. It is not something you only keep as long as you like and abandon when you think you no longer needs it. Because if that was so, then you probably might have mistaken love for something else. Love is not just a feeling but the ability to connect to the inner sense of responsibly doing what is going to be done according to God's teachings.

Just as all things are reconciled to God through Christ so as all of relationships as well be restored with love. Stay faithful. Be full of hope. Love always. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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