If to a flower love must be likened

I should have written this sonnet on Valentine's Day, but then I ended up writing an essay instead and it took me a few days later to recollect the verses I would have lost forever if not for the little child I met in a narrow street this morning carrying in his hand a beautiful flower. That was one of the most captivating sights I haven't seen in a long time as I inhaled the sweetest smell of fragrance.

If to a flower love must be likened
And appreciated most for what it brings
So that our senses all will be opened
To feel the throbbing heart, beyond, of things.
Because a flower only blooms within
The nurture of a hand that truly cares
From which to brave the sunshine and the rain
And may its beauty looks as it appears.
What more shall we want of love to become?
It is a flower, as simple as that,
Yet as obscure and misleading to some.
Love promises less and offers a lot.
Somehow in our dear life we need to know
What is that one flower we help to grow.


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