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Friday, February 10, 2012

Floating book fair Logos Hope visits Cebu, Central Philippines

Floating book fair Logos Hope is in Cebu for several weeks of goodwill mission until the 12th of February, 2012. They are here bringing knowledge, help, and hope. Its international crews and staff members are ever friendly and some of them can even speak fluently of our local dialect which is the Cebuano-Visaya.

It's an early Valentine date treat I had with my girlfriend as we boarded the ship last night and took a look on the wide arrays of affordable books and souvenir items for sale. Logos Hope was docked at pier 1 near SRP (South Road Project), just a walking distance away from Plaza Independencia and Fuerza de San Pedro (Fort San Pedro, the oldest Spanish-era military stronghold in the Philippines). The entrance fee is Php (Philippine peso) 20 per head and business hours are up to 9 PM only.

I ended up buying some of the Logos souvenir items and as I reached up for the counter I heard the young blonde cashier saying, after a warm smile, "Hi! Como esta?" by which I simply answered, "Muy bien, gracias!" I shot her back a smile. A woman standing next in line to me is, by the look, a Korean carrying with her the books she must be buying for. The place has become international as I saw people of different nationalities/races from both the visitors/customers and the ship's crews/staff members alike interspersing with each other.

By the time me and my girlfriend went out of the ship we were greeted by the same tall young man of Nordic look who went to say "maayong pag-abot (welcome)" upon our entry, this time saying, "salamat sa inyong pag-anhi, maayong pagkatulog! (thank you for coming, sleep well!)". I told him thank you and he answered back in an unassuming tone of voice "way sapayan (you're welcome)". I laughed at that being just so amazed by the fact that a foreigner can speak very well of the local dialect. It's a wonderful experience. I hope Logos Hope will come back again in the near future.


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