Pieces of me: Life is meant to be broken and shared

It was one of those lines I happened to grasp with as an idea where I should base what I must write about for a particular topic (whether a prose or poetry) that I came up writing "Pieces of me"--a poem I wrote in only less than an hour of time. The line goes something like this: "Life is meant to be broken and shared." It resembles much of Christ, like the symbolic representation of the breaking down of bread and the cup of wine in the Holy Eucharist, to be shared by all. But that's how we're all supposed to be as well for each other.

Life is all about relationships, giving love, making connections, and doing good to others, and as far as it is also a journey, every strand of good or bad experience being wove into our web only enrich what every little facet of our selves can possibly acquire to become the persons that we must be as we continue to trek on further like pilgrims approaching a Shrine. Bad experiences teach us lessons, while the good ones, on the other hand, inspire us all the more. I hope you'll enjoy the poem, as well as the prose in what was the introduction:

I need to know what pieces of me
you can absorb as you try to cross

the beyond that must be bridged.
There I mixed up with the air

out into space scattered like cards
thrown from a magician's hand;

there I danced to what directions
the wind might have led to,

out of my fragments--but where
would I be than to what becomes

my own substance.
Were the hands faster than the eyes?

I need to know what pieces of me
you could still spot on

from all illusions involved
and learn to reverse the effect

so as to grow back again the form
that has evolved--but where would I be

than to what becomes my own substance.
I need to know if you could feel my presence.

From out of your darkest night
a tiny spark emerges

to become the beautiful light
that guides--but where would I be

than to what becomes my own substance.
Would you treat everything with respect

knowing, out of your wildest thoughts,
I might be there?

Would you say a little prayer for me?
I need to know how I could influence

your being and existence--but
where would I be than to what

becomes my own substance.
For I was a thing that must be broken

and shared. I need to know if there is more
that I could do than that.

The bridge must one day be crossed
and everything will be

for its own fulfillment--but where would I be
than to what becomes my own substance.


  1. WOW, this is such a clear picture.
    I love knowing the broken pieces can do something. Usually when we think of broken pieces we think of helping putting it together.
    But the broken pieces that can work as bridges for others are healing.
    Like the healing rays of light that only touch and don't wound.
    May we all be broken then like you.
    May we all understand the beauty of the brokenness that leads to fulfillment.
    Light for its purity of light.
    The breaking of the bread as Jesus's blood to heal.
    Not breaking souls is all we need to worry about.
    Thank you for this awareness.
    Thank you for allowing me to see this broken piece on my journey of life leading to light.

  2. Thank you for your comments. Life is the giving out of a portion of ourselves to others. It is a journey of joy, love, hope, and light. It is to find God and to do whatever He wills.


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