Why we have to celebrate Christmas?

While there are some people who will discourage us from celebrating Christmas citing reasons like the wrong date of Christ's birth issue, not biblical, extension of old pagan belief, and more, I would like to stress out my point why we have to celebrate so in spite of that. Christmas is celebrated by more than two billion people worldwide each year. Some non-Christian countries have also already adopted the  Christmas tradition making it all the more colorful and rich, uniting cultures and people for one big celebration. Though we can't avoid the fact that Christmas season nowadays have somewhat became too commercialized, its true essence still is the one that is important. The following are just some of the few reasons why we have to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts:

1. Christmas has all the good intentions. There's nothing wrong about doing something good for the good reasons. Christmas centers on Christ's birth and it has become a symbol of hope for all of us to embrace.

2. Christmas encourages us to selflessly give or share to others of what we have or ourselves. While most of us wished to receive the best of gifts in a Christmas party, it is in the exchanging of it that counts the most.

3. Christmas promotes peace and harmony. In the Philippines, the government declared a ceasefire agreement with the rebels within the Yuletide season period. This is to make sure that Christmas celebration will be more peaceful than any other time of the year.

4. Christmas is thanksgiving. Now who's going to try to argue that thanksgiving should not fall on Christmas Day just because it is not biblical? Thanksgiving should be done, if I were to suggest, everyday of the year. But there's nothing wrong doing it on Christmas Day either. Perhaps one of the reasons why Christ didn't reveal to us the exact or accurate date of his birth is that he wants us to remember and observe it everyday of the year with Christmas Day being the main event.

5. Christmas is to recognize Jesus's birth just as we also observe his death and resurrection. The exact or accurate date of his birth may be important, but the way we submit ourselves to actually observe and make it special is everything. Just because we don't know the exact or accurate date of Christ's birth doesn't mean we don't have to celebrate at all. God will be much more delighted with the goodness we can do and give to others than to try to hardly impose upon ourselves rules that only keep good things from happening. Merry Christmas to one and all!


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