Why do some relationships fail? (A personal approach to making relationships work)

I think it's a very old question that the answers have been said and done for the countless times already. Why do, in fact, some relationships fail? Yet, by trying to tackle such a topic once more, I would like to share to you some of my personal opinions and insights by which I hope anyone who reads could relate or reflect with at. Relationships fail for some reasons, but it's always worth restoring. The following are just some of the very reasons relationships would collapse:

1. Impatience. We must acknowledge the fact that patience is a virtue. When misunderstanding erupts in a relationship it is wise to keep your cool. Slow down your temper. Talk it all out to your partner or the person you have made quarrel with and always tone down your voice without sacrificing what you would like to point out to settle the disagreement. Good conversation is very important but a heartfelt, open communication is a necessity. It will serve as the vehicle to sorting things out for good. Open communication brings out a positive impact to bridging the differences where walls are slowly building up to further isolate one from the other.

2. Pride. Pride is a hindrance to reconciliation. It can only block what has been shut between two parties all the more. Cut down your pride and start making the first step towards reconciliation.

3. Lack of will. Many relationships could have been saved from breaking up only if either of both parties has the will to actually fix it. Be motivated to do what is necessary and do not rely it on chance. Things could happen because we let them.

4. Being selfish or self-centered. To a certain degree, it is good to love our own selves. But it is best to extend our love to others. Love's most common character is generosity. Sometimes in a relationship we forgot what is love all about and, as a result, we became over demanding in the process. To love is to give a portion or a whole of ourselves selflessly to others.

5. Unforgiving heart. Learn to forgive no matter how big or small the offense being committed. To forgive is not about tolerating or to give someone a chance to do the same mistakes again but to accept the fact that what's done is done and to try to repair what has been broken. Time, it has been said, heals, but forgiveness do a lot more than just healing. It brings a relationship back in the light of truth and strengthens it.

6. Lack of Divine guidance. Last but the greatest, always ask for God's guidance. Pray it all out to the Lord. Ask Him to bless your relationship with someone and make it last. Prayers coupled with the right actions are a very potent problem-solver, be it in relationships or just any other field of human endeavor.

I would like to also share to you a poem (actually a sonnet) of my original composition about why a relationship fails. Click here to read the poem.


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