Killer floods hit the Philippines again

When God had set the first rainbow in the sky as a sign of His eternal covenant with Noah and his family to never again destroy the world with water, it doesn't  mean that floods would be totally wiped out from the face of the earth. Yet the entire world is guaranteed to never again experience the same magnitude of that great deluge that costs all of humanity except Noah and his family, though. Floods are natural calamities resulting from having too much water than what a particular place or area can contain.

Last week's typhoon "Sendong" that struck most of the Northern Mindanao areas in the Philippines especially in the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan have caused floods (flash floods in some areas) that killed hundreds of people and counting. My heart broke when I saw in the news the dead bodies especially those of innocent children scattered everywhere drenched in thick mud. How devastating Sendong has been to these people two weeks short of celebrating Christmas Day.

Most calamities happened and struck when we least expect them. They often caught us off-guard and it will be too late to make the necessary move to avoid or bring ourselves to safety. We can only hope and pray and provide whatever help we can to all of the victims and their families. Death may have taken the precious lives of our loved ones but they will remain in our hearts forever. Someday, the pain and trauma will be completely gone, wounds heal, and a smile once again beaming in everyone's face like this horrible thing is not happening.

I would like to share to you a poem of my original composition titled "There comes a flood, flowers may die". I hope one can find this poem to be such inspiring. Click here to read the poem.


  1. This is the result of what the man do with the God's creation

  2. According to environmentalists, a simulation of the effects of extreme weather events from climate change such as saltwater intrusion, sea level rise and intense tropical cyclones, showed that major Philippine cities, including Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, were at risk of massive flooding. Cagayan de Oro and Iligan are vulnerable because they sit near mountain ranges and are coastal areas. The best thing for all of us to do is to start planting as many tress as we can in our already denuded mountains as soon as possible.


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