In the Philippines it's called "sinuglaw"

Locally called as "sinuglaw" is actually what comes out of combining the two words "sinugba" (usually grilled pork) and "kinilaw" (raw fish meat flavored with spices). I first tasted about this high-protein Filipino food sometime in my high school years and it has since captivated my taste. It is best served with sweet potatoes or with just plain rice.

Sinuglaw has a distinctive flavor that makes you salivate and to crave for more. It's perfect for beach picnic but also for other occasions. Sinuglaw is a yummy as well as one of the best of comfort foods.

Here's how to prepare the sinuglaw:

1. Grilled pork (about two kilos but also depending on how much you're going to consume).
2. Small cubes of sliced fresh tuna meat. The ratio is 50:50. So if you grilled two kilos of pork, the tuna meat slices should also be weighing two kilos.
3. Slice the cooked grilled pork into small pieces and put inside the salad bowl.
4. Put the small cubes of tuna meat on a separate bowl. Add with vinegar and other spices. After all of the spices have been added and mixed up, pour it in the salad bowl where the grilled pork is and mix well. One of the secrets is in the proper mixing of the right spices.
5. Adding mayonnaise is optional. Sinuglaw is now ready to be served and eaten.

With only two weeks to go before Christmas, sinuglaw will be served side by side with roasted pig and other delicacies in most Filipino tables during the Noche Buena and the Media Noche. The merry making could reach fever pitch as the season peaks but to drink and eat moderately is always a wise choice. Forget about the roasted turkey, kebabs, or spaghetti, etcetera, and take a bite of what is OFF--Original Filipino Food. Sinuglaw is available in some native Filipino restaurants countrywide.


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