5 things everyone must know about Christmas

While the exact and accurate date of Christ's birth is until now a subject for debate, many Bible scholars and historians believed that Jesus was born sometime in the month of September or October just before the onset of winter. The Bible has mentioned in Luke chapter 2 about the angels of God appearing to the shepherds in the desert informing them of the birth of the Messiah. The month of December would be just too cold for anyone to stay outdoor and this has led to the conclusion that December is not the month of Christ's birth.

It was the Western Christian Church in the early-to-mid 4th century which has set the fixed date, and for all the faithful to observe and celebrate the birth of Christ, on December 25th. It is better to observe or celebrate the birth of Christ on the wrong date than to never celebrate at all. What's more important is for us to acknowledge God's greatest gift to mankind and to be thankful for that. Christmas should not only be observed on the 25th of December but throughout everyday of the year.

Christmas brings all of those wonderful things back to memory. It reminds us of the joy, peace, and love for one another once more in this becoming increasingly indifferent and unforgiving world. The following are just five of the things I would like people to know about Christmas:

1. Christmas is for love. One of my favorite Bible verses in John 3:16 said: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."

2. Christmas is for hope. It is to give hope to the little and innocent ones. During Christ's infancy, Herod the great, King of Judea, ordered the killing of all young male children in the village of Bethlehem in his desperate attempt to stop the Messiah being prophesied to become the new King of the Jews.

3. Christmas is for healing and forgiveness. Just as Christ forgives us, so we must also forgive those who have done us wrong.

4. Christmas is for thanksgiving.

5. Christmas is to worship Him. Just as the three wise men who traveled a long journey guided only by a bright star just to worship the baby Jesus and offered Him precious gifts, so must we.


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