A writing experience

 Lately, a friend of mine have asked me to write about the story of his own life. He said he just feels like he needs to have his life story written and trusts that I could do the job better for him. I know that he, too, could write as I've had read some of his works before but for him to allow me to write his own life's story is, for me, something quite flattering and surprising at the same time. "I know you can write it better than I do, Nap", he said as he handed me the manuscripts which would be my reference to what I must be writing about him.

Writing is my passion--a gift I've had discovered way back when I was in my third grade. Our teacher asked us to write something about the experiences we've had during the last summer vacation. I wrote about the vacation I've had spent in my paternal grandmother's hometown in Leyte. It was my first attempt at writing and that kind of thing has since never left me; it somehow lodged in deep within myself like a fountain of something that never dries out.

But my passion for writing may have taken roots earlier than that. My grandmother, before she died in 1988 at age 78, used to tell me about my unusual curiosity at almost everything back when I was just about 4 or 5 years old. I can only imagine how she must have dealt a lot of patience with answering my questions and carefully explaining them one by one so that a young mind would know and understand. Curiosity, as I would come to understand about it now, is one of the characteristics a true writer must possess. It is where creativity should base from and the springboard for whatever it can translate about. Because a writer is like a scientist or inventor, he seeks to find out something or invents it. Or perhaps, I had inherited this gift from my maternal grandfather who has a deep passion of the same.

I had been writing poems, essays, and even a thesis by request and until now there are still quite a few who would like me to write in their behalf. Writing has become a wonderful experience for me; it is more about the joy felt that you were able to help someone or by simply being just a voice to others than just seeing your works getting published or recognized. The more I write, the more that I enjoy.


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