Steve Jobs did a good job

I happened to read someone's Facebook profile commenting on, what he believed, the biases displayed by the local and national media with regards to Apple Inc. Steve Jobs's passing away being given so much attention and emphasis with instead of the two of our national artists' death that should have deserved more recognition than what the foreigner may now have enjoyed. I understand about this someone's outcry and for his criticizing against news reporters especially of a certain Philippine television network that, according to him, never read what is our own. But whether these news reporters may have read or not about our own artists, it doesn't mean that by covering a foreigner's life story will make them less a Filipino.

Steve Jobs, although an American with Syrian roots, is no stranger to us and is worthy of our praises or to be also called our own. He belongs to the world. His life story is an inspiration for all and one telling us to never let adversities stop us from pursuing our goals, dreams, and all these things with our heart we keep doing.

After having forced to resign from his own company in 1985, Jobs never gave up and continued on to make what his peers called "crazy" ideas a reality. But this college dropout is truly, and undisputedly just a born genius. He has showed to us that, by thinking and seeing things differently to change the world for the better, he's done a wonderful thing and that's what matters to him.

Jobs would be best remembered in the iMac, the iPod, the MacBook, the iPad, the MacBook Pro, the iPhone, and many more. But most, he would be remembered for his to "stay hungry and foolish" philosophy or to think differently from the rest. With his technological expertise and creativity combined, high technology was made available to the people and the world was never the same again.

Now that he's gone, the world has lost a gem. Farewell to the man considered as the Thomas Edison of the 21st century. He did a good job. May he rest in peace.


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