Love Spell

Some few years back, I wrote a poem which I didn't finish. Last night, I found the old notebook with the unfinished poem on it. It's been a long time and it's all about love. I grabbed a pen and scribbled something on the notebook. Love Spell was born.

What is it that must be seen when all there is
but a shrouded mist I could portray?

What is there in the depths within
to have a heart that feels?

The only thing that matters most
is what I need to say--

But yet no words could best express
than what my love to you foretells:

From out the fleeting moment's perfect glow,
I caught a glimpse the thoughts of you.

From out the night's so soothing breeze,
you are a dear to me--no less.

So let me from my heart should care,
I love you most and truly, I swear.


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