This poem was written several years ago. People usually call me "Nap", but there are some who will also call me Nappy. But why "Nappy"? Nappy means, in the British English, a diaper. But it could also be a metaphor for what I am as a poet. A diaper to absorb the tears and other human emotional releases and, in the process, transform them into a positive force through my verses.

I’m puzzled all about myself
If what’s in store of me ahead
A pleasant thought perhaps would help
But far away it went and fled.

I phoned some friends whoever else
And asked them what they could have said
About myself, and though it feels
Like a nonsense I did proceed.

They told me this and that and that
And so much more a flattery
I look for something else of what
Cannot be said, cannot be said of me.

But one night as I fell asleep
I’ve dreamed a pleasant dream can be
‘Twas Jesus merging from the depths
Calling to me, "Nappy! Nappy!"

I’ve answered back, "I’m here my Lord!"
"Is there a thing you need to say?"
He calmly said, "Pay heed my words"
"You need so much to give away".

"To give of what?", I asked Him instead.
"I even lacked what I should have".
But He just smiled to me and said,
"You only need to give but love".

I woke up glad and all refreshed
And thanked God for this brand new day
Of my life, I’m so much blessed
I somehow found the real me.


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