Pacquiao will be too much for Marquez in 3rd encounter, a classic fight though

What Pacquiao has achieved as a boxer is something very few could, as far as the boxing world is concern, equal to or surpass with in the level that he is now. Outside the boxing ring, this fearless warrior who may always look fierce when he fights could be as meek as a lamb towards others and his rags-to-riches life story inspires and continue to inspire a many.

Of course, there were the all-time greats in Ali, Robinson, Armstrong, Duran, and Leonard, to name just a few, but the fighting pride of the Philippines is just a cut above the rest. Highly regarded as boxing's current pound-for-pound king and as the only boxer in history to have won titles in eight different weight divisions, the "Pacman" as he was also called, is the storm somewhat tasked to destroy anything that the sport could put in front of him, hasn't just yet showed any indication of slowing down.

But the only fight that could matter now is for boxing's gifted, and most defensive fighter in Floyd Mayweather Jr. to face the Pacman inside the ring. For the sake of boxing this fight has to happen. I'm positive though that these two of the sport's bests will finally lock horns, hopefully next year.

Pacquiao has still a pending fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12, this year, to complete what many considered as one of boxing's greatest trilogies of all time. Marquez is the kind of fighter who has the heart of a true Mexican warrior. Despite being floored by Pacquiao three times in round one of their first encounter, the Mexican yet managed to get up and salvaged a draw.

Their second fight, four years later, would have been too close and just as controversial as the first, with Pacquiao winning by decision. But those were being fought in the featherweight, and super featherweight divisions, respectively. Pacquiao has never been the same as he was years ago and he has since evolved to become a complete fighter.

After their last encounter in 2008, Pacquiao moved several weight divisions up to face bigger guys and defeated each one of them while Marquez, on the other hand,  dominated the lightweight division. Marquez is one of the sport's best counter punchers who would still give Pacquiao a trouble but the Pacman may just simply overwhelm the brave Mexican warrior in every which way this time around and to make him fall to what is a total annihilation. It will be a classic fight though with Pacquiao destroying Marquez within six rounds at a 144-pound catch weight.


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