If I shall but love not your dearest soul

"What if you didn't meet the person you are now loving with, would it exactly be just the same feeling you would have felt for the person you would have loved instead? And if you should but love not the person you are now so much in love with, would you have loved the person you think you cannot love?"

If I shall but love not your dearest soul,
I would have been a fading hymn at night--
A song that no one bothers to recall--
And to wait in vain for the morning light.
If I shall but ignore your inner glow,
I would have always dwelt in the darkness--
Or, perhaps, after all, I wouldn't know
What's in a thing that I should have to miss.
If I shall but--while the needing's growing--
Don't mind you at all and lead mine own way,
I would have, alone, always been wanting:
Life can't be without you each passing day.
What's more that this loving can truly hold?
But, yet, the greatest story ever told!


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