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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pacquiao will be too much for Marquez in 3rd encounter, a classic fight though

What Pacquiao has achieved as a boxer is something very few could, as far as the boxing world is concern, equal to or surpass with in the level that he is now. Outside the boxing ring, this fearless warrior who may always look fierce when he fights could be as meek as a lamb towards others and his rags-to-riches life story inspires and continue to inspire a many.

Of course, there were the all-time greats in Ali, Robinson, Armstrong, Duran, and Leonard, to name just a few, but the fighting pride of the Philippines is just a cut above the rest. Highly regarded as boxing's current pound-for-pound king and as the only boxer in history to have won titles in eight different weight divisions, the "Pacman" as he was also called, is the storm somewhat tasked to destroy anything that the sport could put in front of him, hasn't just yet showed any indication of slowing down.

But the only fight that could matter now is for boxing's gifted, and most defensive fighter in Floyd Mayweather Jr. to face the Pacman inside the ring. For the sake of boxing this fight has to happen. I'm positive though that these two of the sport's bests will finally lock horns, hopefully next year.

Pacquiao has still a pending fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12, this year, to complete what many considered as one of boxing's greatest trilogies of all time. Marquez is the kind of fighter who has the heart of a true Mexican warrior. Despite being floored by Pacquiao three times in round one of their first encounter, the Mexican yet managed to get up and salvaged a draw.

Their second fight, four years later, would have been too close and just as controversial as the first, with Pacquiao winning by decision. But those were being fought in the featherweight, and super featherweight divisions, respectively. Pacquiao has never been the same as he was years ago and he has since evolved to become a complete fighter.

After their last encounter in 2008, Pacquiao moved several weight divisions up to face bigger guys and defeated each one of them while Marquez, on the other hand,  dominated the lightweight division. Marquez is one of the sport's best counter punchers who would still give Pacquiao a trouble but the Pacman may just simply overwhelm the brave Mexican warrior in every which way this time around and to make him fall to what is a total annihilation. It will be a classic fight though with Pacquiao destroying Marquez within six rounds at a 144-pound catch weight.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This poem was written several years ago. People usually call me "Nap", but there are some who will also call me Nappy. But why "Nappy"? Nappy means, in the British English, a diaper. But it could also be a metaphor for what I am as a poet. A diaper to absorb the tears and other human emotional releases and, in the process, transform them into a positive force through my verses.

I’m puzzled all about myself
If what’s in store of me ahead
A pleasant thought perhaps would help
But far away it went and fled.

I phoned some friends whoever else
And asked them what they could have said
About myself, and though it feels
Like a nonsense I did proceed.

They told me this and that and that
And so much more a flattery
I look for something else of what
Cannot be said, cannot be said of me.

But one night as I fell asleep
I’ve dreamed a pleasant dream can be
‘Twas Jesus merging from the depths
Calling to me, "Nappy! Nappy!"

I’ve answered back, "I’m here my Lord!"
"Is there a thing you need to say?"
He calmly said, "Pay heed my words"
"You need so much to give away".

"To give of what?", I asked Him instead.
"I even lacked what I should have".
But He just smiled to me and said,
"You only need to give but love".

I woke up glad and all refreshed
And thanked God for this brand new day
Of my life, I’m so much blessed
I somehow found the real me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

If I shall but love not your dearest soul

"What if you didn't meet the person you are now loving with, would it exactly be just the same feeling you would have felt for the person you would have loved instead? And if you should but love not the person you are now so much in love with, would you have loved the person you think you cannot love?"

If I shall but love not your dearest soul,
I would have been a fading hymn at night--
A song that no one bothers to recall--
And to wait in vain for the morning light.
If I shall but ignore your inner glow,
I would have always dwelt in the darkness--
Or, perhaps, after all, I wouldn't know
What's in a thing that I should have to miss.
If I shall but--while the needing's growing--
Don't mind you at all and lead mine own way,
I would have, alone, always been wanting:
Life can't be without you each passing day.
What's more that this loving can truly hold?
But, yet, the greatest story ever told!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is a Filipino?

The Filipinos, just like any other race, possess both the negative and positive qualities that would, in one way or another, define them as a people. You probably may have heard a lot of bad things about the Philippines and Filipinos, but the good things about them may just be, as well, too many. But what, in fact, is a Filipino?

The term "Filipino" was first used by the Spaniards during the Spanish-era Philippines to refer to a Spanish mestizo and to all of the Spaniards who were occupying the Philippines during that time. Filipinos therefore, in other words, are the descendants of King Philip of Spain (Felipe in Spanish). The Philippine natives then were called "Los Indios de Las Islas Felipenas".

In the passing of time, a typical Filipino is someone who looks Asian, has a Spanish-sounding name, speaks English in an American accent, and a Latin temperament. The Filipinos are a unique race with four cultural heritages: European, American, Asian, and Mexican. Today, Filipinos are one of the most cosmopolitan people of the world. You can find Filipinos almost everywhere else in the world blending with different cultures and beliefs.

Majority of the Filipinos are Roman Catholics and are very religious. They are a happy people in such a way that even in the midst of problems and misery they can still manage to joke, smile, or even laugh at them. They are likened to a bamboo tree that, when the storm came to strike in great force, only bends with the wind but never breaks.

A Filipino is a courageous fighter yet God-fearing, optimistic, and has a good sense of humor. A Filipino is someone who could never live without rice in his diet, tuba (Philippine coconut wine) to fire his blood, a friend to count on in, a loving wife and family to live and keep with for as long as he live, and a God to believe in and worship to. To be a Filipino is to be morally good.

No matter what race you may be and no matter where you came from, to be a Filipino is to be in harmony with other people and to act as a citizen of the world. It is to acknowledge the fact that life is, indeed, God's gift to mankind and it is our duty to make that gift valuable and one that each of us could benefit from for good. To be a Filipino means to have faith in the Almighty God, love one another, and hope for a better tomorrow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

If I should allow such a nameless bloom

Not long ago, somebody had asked me a question it took me awhile to answer. Not because I find it hard to answer the question but because the delay in answering is, in fact, a part of the answer itself. This was the question: "If you could only own just one thing, what should it be and why?" No words have been uttered but this sonnet I wrote in 25 minutes.

If I should allow such a nameless bloom
To please mine eyes with all the nurturing,
I would have found what's being kept--a room
To house all of it--more than just a thing
To settle with, hold on, or throw away
From out the rush of the sluggish awhile
The growth no longer needs a constancy.
But where a sight has crossed the distant miles
Is why the urge to find it all the more!
There it lodged in deep down within one's chest
Or something that pricks the mind's very core
And things will be restored like all the rest.
If I could own a thing that I should have:
It must be, like all of us thus need, love.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Except for loving, love will cease

"It doesn't matter how long we may have been stuck in a sense of our limitations. If we go into a darkened room and turn on the light, it doesn't matter if the room has been dark for a day, a week, or ten thousand years -- we turn on the light and it is illuminated. Once we control our capacity for love and happiness, the light has been turned on."--Sharon Salzberg

Except for loving, love will cease
To find for its offender's path;
But brings the best that it can give--
The Love in all its aftermath.

Except for loving, love will die
A very senseless death of all;
But Love is the Fountain of Life--
It gives itself and gives the full.

Except for loving, love will fade
And spread itself in the darkness;
But Love is Love and Love will be:
A thing for all the completeness.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Faith and Fanaticism: Defending where Catholics are most misunderstood

Do Catholics worship idols? The answer is a big "No". Catholics only worship the true and living God. But why do we find so many images inside a Cathedral where most of the faithful  say their prayers and kneel down to? Are these faithful committing idolatry or is it simply just a form of fanaticism under the cloak of faith?

Two years ago, I happened to chat with a one time online friend of mine on various topics  but especially on one we've spent three hours arguing with(no, not really arguing but discussing) that sparked from her asking me a question, upon knowing I was from the Philippines, about why most of the Filipinos are fanatic worshiper of a God? She was, of course, obviously and in fact, an atheist who hailed from the Northern European country of Sweden. "It is because the Filipinos", I told her, "believed in God just as you believed in atheism." She replied in three words she may have quoted from Nietzsche: "God is dead." "So you believe there is God," I said, "but only he was dead."

Mostly, Filipino Catholics are fanatics. But they are fanatics only in a sense that they are so much devoted and in depth with their faith. When you saw them kneeling before the images of the crucified Christ, the Saints, and the Virgin Mary, they don't really mean literally worshiping the wooden carvings in front of them, but the true God beyond the represented figures. In the case of the Saints and of Mary, they served as our intercessors to God  where we can also offer our prayers and devotions.

We Catholics don't worship Baal, Anubis, and many other pagan gods from long ago, but the true and living God alone. Faith and fanaticism may be a different thing at one sense but they may also be just the same at another. But what's important, though, is that we have a God to believe and worship to than to deny His existence in the midst of His presence.

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