Time and again a star alights on me

There's a star shining on each one of us; it guides, inspires, and leads us all to where we can only cease dreaming because the dream was attained and realized by the heart that believes.

Time and again a star alights on me
When all the world was covered with darkness
Or: when lights confused the eyes of many
Walking to the pull of their blinding rays.
Or perhaps mine star shines for me alone
Or for those who can only see its light
That beams from within the heart like the sun
Or, by faith, seeing what is out of sight.
Mine star shall take me to the infinite
Or what is at stake at the Other Side?
It once descended long ago and yet
Remains but, after all this time, my guide.
Though countless stars may shine like all the rest
Mine lonesome star only shines the brightest.


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