A rainy morning

I am this morning reminded of an amateur band a friend of mine used to introduce to me with pride back in college where three of the band members were his classmates: the vocalist, the bass guitarist, and the drummer. He used to have collected cassette tapes(cassette tapes then were most common) of the band's recorded amateurish songs and I even got one through his generosity. The band sounded like the typical heavy metal branch of hard rock music most popular then and one which I would sometimes find out these days to be only putting more emphasis on noise than music.

Which makes me wonder. Where have all they had been now? Last time I heard of their music was when I had their songs played on a tape deck one rainy morning of long ago before losing it somewhere. But, this morning, as the rain falls in earnest I phoned my friend and asked him about the band which he responded with a sigh and a long pause but with a sense of assurance in his voice said: "Never heard of them for a long time but they were all doing good for sure."

It had been raining for days now and as much as it somehow forces you to be confined indoor, memories flow to where you can only reminisce the past until the flooded streets abate to keep you again busy or forget. I used to like hard rock music before which I still today, but it's only for some particular time of my life. As I grow older(though I'm only just in my 30s), even the noise caused by the pouring down of rains at the roof will be just as good a music as it is.

The coffee tastes great which I sipped down between every thunder and lightning. Moments like this refreshes the system to bring me back to where I could again start to add a new chapter in my life's journey. I caught a glimpse of the outside at the glass window, fine weather lurks ahead.


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