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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real Education: One that springs out from one's own self

America's greatest contribution to the Philippines is education; democracy comes a close second. I remember what my paternal grandmother had once told me that in their time(the American occupation of the Philippines) even a fifth grader could already teach in school. I also noticed that her penmanship had that stroke of the typical American cursive style of writing. My maternal grandfather, on the other hand, although with the local accent so evident when he talks, writes English very well as I came to read some of his writings before he died last 2009 at 83.

The Thomasites were the  first batch of American teachers who came to educate the Filipinos, arrived in the Philippines on August 12, 1901
on board a ship called USS Thomas. They educated the Filipinos the American way and taught them English. It is not to say that the Filipinos were uneducated before the Americans came as the Spaniards in the Philippines during that time have since already had been educating but only to the few who can afford. Asia's oldest university, the University of Santo Tomas, was founded and established through the initiative of a Spanish friar in Bishop Miguel de Benavides back in the early 17th century. What the Americans did was to make sure education is available to all.

Today, the Philippine government is doing its best to improve the quality of education among Filipinos. It is evident that, with the passing of time, the country's quality of education deteriorates. It is also embarrassing to know that many of our graduates today are incompetent, uneducated, and in most instances, lack wisdom. It has become the case of more schooling but less education.

In my humble opinion, real education springs from within one's own self. You can get to school only to be schooled, or get as many a degree(even a masteral or doctorate) as you like or want, and excel in academic studies with the highest honors, but education requires a high-level of deep thinking on knowing what it is to understand about that makes you a better person in the process. It is to show you the way like a guiding star and, most importantly, one that brings you to where no academic learning could fill up but the marriage of Truth and morality.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On why that a flower has to wither

Yesterday I had in mind about composing a poem that tells about preserving something (like a relationship for example) for good. I came up with a sonnet and with every metaphor I could possibly find to best portray of what I'm trying to implicate, poured out in the poem: Relationships are always worth restoring. I hope you will enjoy reading my poem and always keep that flower thing growing inside of you.

On why that a flower has to wither:
I take my stand--it withers not at all
But what's, in our hearts, felt with less of care
When the best of things remain in the soul;
In every knowing's find with its new eyes,
A flower keeps growing inside of us.
Despite what the picture tells otherwise
It always be the thing that it once was:
Pure and innocent like the sweet embrace
Of love's first kiss--what freely it can give
That blossoms everywhere upon the face
Of someone's life--with love it has to live.
So long as there is much to take away
Is why the needs to nurture it to stay.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A rainy morning

I am this morning reminded of an amateur band a friend of mine used to introduce to me with pride back in college where three of the band members were his classmates: the vocalist, the bass guitarist, and the drummer. He used to have collected cassette tapes(cassette tapes then were most common) of the band's recorded amateurish songs and I even got one through his generosity. The band sounded like the typical heavy metal branch of hard rock music most popular then and one which I would sometimes find out these days to be only putting more emphasis on noise than music.

Which makes me wonder. Where have all they had been now? Last time I heard of their music was when I had their songs played on a tape deck one rainy morning of long ago before losing it somewhere. But, this morning, as the rain falls in earnest I phoned my friend and asked him about the band which he responded with a sigh and a long pause but with a sense of assurance in his voice said: "Never heard of them for a long time but they were all doing good for sure."

It had been raining for days now and as much as it somehow forces you to be confined indoor, memories flow to where you can only reminisce the past until the flooded streets abate to keep you again busy or forget. I used to like hard rock music before which I still today, but it's only for some particular time of my life. As I grow older(though I'm only just in my 30s), even the noise caused by the pouring down of rains at the roof will be just as good a music as it is.

The coffee tastes great which I sipped down between every thunder and lightning. Moments like this refreshes the system to bring me back to where I could again start to add a new chapter in my life's journey. I caught a glimpse of the outside at the glass window, fine weather lurks ahead.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time and again a star alights on me

There's a star shining on each one of us; it guides, inspires, and leads us all to where we can only cease dreaming because the dream was attained and realized by the heart that believes.

Time and again a star alights on me
When all the world was covered with darkness
Or: when lights confused the eyes of many
Walking to the pull of their blinding rays.
Or perhaps mine star shines for me alone
Or for those who can only see its light
That beams from within the heart like the sun
Or, by faith, seeing what is out of sight.
Mine star shall take me to the infinite
Or what is at stake at the Other Side?
It once descended long ago and yet
Remains but, after all this time, my guide.
Though countless stars may shine like all the rest
Mine lonesome star only shines the brightest.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life's greatest gift is life itself

“Life is a gift, and I try to respond with grace and courtesy.”
   --Maya Angelou

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”
   --Anthony Robbins

"I look upon life as a gift from God. I did nothing to earn it. Now that the time is coming to give it back, I have no right to complain."
   --Joyce Cary

Life's greatest gift is life itself:
Like what you can see with your eyes,
Feel in your heart, hear with your ears--
When all the sensing becomes nice

Returning back to Self the joy
Of being just a part of it--
Or what just in itself aligns
With Truth--for all that it can get.

A seed that's planted long ago--
Why bother nurture,love, and care?
Life's greatest gift is life itself;
It must grow into a flower.

Monday, August 1, 2011

There was a time for everything

There was a time in my life when I have asked myself about why we should grow old and die? I would have learned later on for the answers and this poem, which I've just finished writing, is one. But life is a journey and, along the way, we can find inspirations by being just an inspiration to others. And though we grow old and die, we would live His time!

There was a time for everything
And for everything that will be;
Like the shadow of your smile glows
Where the darkness takes me away--

The gloom can't make no further hold.
A strand of hair, I contemplate:
Each is counted--has time to shine
Like stars--drawn towards its own fate.

So, go on like nothing happens;
Take the journey for what it brings.
And for everything that will be:
There was a time for everything.

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