A Time to Kill

You probably might find the title quite familiar and, to some degree, intriguing. Or so because you maybe have already had read John Grisham's novel which bears the same title and, for some of you who were able to read the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3:3, it's not why I wrote this article though. "A Time to Kill" is my personal opinion as well as an attempt to boost the Filipino warrior spirit against a superior power--China (a.k.a. the sleeping giant) should it push through with expanding its territory against smaller neighboring countries, especially the Philippines, from the viewpoint of, and for this particular issue, a such case as to show that heroes are not always the people with the greatest brute force nor does the size always matter.

Throughout history, victory doesn't always favor the much superior and strong armies but in the belief of the "power of weakness" to accomplish the almost impossible. The so-called US "Tin cans" (an American naval slang for destroyers), despite being outnumbered and out-sized, crippled the much superior Japanese fleet in major naval engagements within Philippine waters during World War II. The Israelites in Biblical times gathered an army of 300 with Gideon, assigned by God to command, leading them to victory against the 135,000 fighting men of the Midianites in what was a different kind of warfare. Modern day Israel were victorious against the Arabs who outnumbered them in wide margins during the Israeli-Arab Wars series that started in the late 40s, and many more stories of military upsets in wars in different parts of the world from ancient times to present.

The Filipino race is a warrior race. And despite being mixed up with other races' blood in the process now running through his veins the warrior side remains or even upgraded by it, waiting to be released where it's needed. Yet he is peace loving, except when oppressed or his own right or freedom is being taken from him by an oppressor that he fights courageously to take that back. The late American General Douglas MacArthur once said: "Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world". I know some of you will disagree or even argue but, if God is with us then who will be against us?

In case a war breaks up in the disputed Spratly islands in the South China Sea, China will no doubt be the most dominant force to seriously deal with than all of the other claimant countries' forces, including the Philippines, combined against. The Philippines has the weakest military in the region which still relies on its vintage warplanes and battleships that have been rendering services in major naval engagements numerous times already  in the Pacific and within Philippine waters during World War II, and also during the Vietnam War. China has the world's biggest population to date, and boasts millions-strong, upgraded military enough to push a threat with any of its neighboring countries.

It will be a high-tech war as the battlefield requires war machines that could negate well the inconveniences of fighting at sea plus the dogfights bringing it into the level of a sci-fi encounter. I would like to see the Philippines acquiring its upgraded version of plasma weaponry to make up for what it lacks in its arsenal which could balance the ratio against a far more superior and bigger military. It will be drawing the war into something that makes China's military superiority becomes less effective or even obsolete in the actual combat.

It is not the purpose of this writing to encourage or promote war, but to let everyone know that war should only be the last resort. Nobody wants trouble but that doesn't mean that we'll allow ourselves to get dragged by bigger countries. Filipinos should not allow themselves to be bullied by bigger nations because if we allow ourselves to be pushed around, maybe tomorrow our 7,100 islands would be down to just two digits.

They must be the Philippines' brightest, and most promising, aspiring prospects who will be able to do it. We have world-class, top-caliber engineers, scientists, and inventors. With all of them combined working together for one goal, mission, purpose, and with God's will can come up with something to upset against--if not China--anyone who dares.


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