Let me love you with a love that must be

I wrote this sonnet last night as my way of once again defining love from a lover's point of view. Love is the only subject I would never run out of words defining, and expounding. The strongest of all emotions has caught me where I can freely express myself and just letting it be that way. For my special someone, this is for you (you know who you are):

Let me love you with a love that must be
Like an arrow that's missed its mark across
A daring flight of wanting to be free
From all: the drift of victory and loss;
The moment's precious pull; a quite response
To what emotion's only bridge or wall
With all the faith in this perpetual dance
Is why a love should have the heart and soul.
For how much of a love a heart contains?
It settled deep within, it's bottomless;
And freely feeds itself, by all known means,
Of what is more than things and worthiness.
With all the things that I could ever have
Let me love you what there is more to love.


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