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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rizal: The greatest man of the Malayan race

Philippine national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal's birth anniversary will mark 150th this coming June 19, 2011. Considered by most historians as the greatest man the Malayan race has ever produced, Rizal's life exemplifies a dedication to freedom for the people of a nation, which happens to be his own, beaten, ruled, and oppressed by the occupying Spanish colonialist forces. However, being a highly educated man that he was as well as a many splendored genius, has found his way attacking mother Spain through the brilliance  of his pen. He wanted reforms in the Spanish ruling of the Philippines instead of the actual bloody revolution his compatriot Andres Bonifacio would later on carry out.

Rizal is a well-traveled man. He has been to European countries of Spain, Germany, and more. He has also been to the United States, Cuba, Singapore, and Japan where he met and made many a girlfriend to fill up the loneliness felt of being far away from home. Rizal may have been adorable in person for many a girl in every place he visits would easily be attracted to him. He married the Irishwoman Josephine Bracken whom they had a son that soon died after her having giving birth of him.

To read more about Rizal click here.

The Spaniards labeled Rizal as Spain's most rebel son, but to the Filipinos he was a hero. His execution by the Spaniards at the Bagumbayan or the now Luneta on December 30, 1896 was a spark of fire intensifying Philippine Revolution until 1898. He was 35 when he died, almost just the same age as Christ when he was crucified.

Rizal's death signalled the downfall of Spanish regime in the Philippines (after 333 years of Spanish rule), so that the greatest Filipino poet in Spanish Cecilio Apostol, celebrating Rizal in his poem with the English translation, once declared:

"Oh redeemer of an enslaved country
In the mystery of the grave do not cry
Heed not the brief triumph of the Spaniards
Because if a bullet destroyed your cranium
Likewise your idea destroys an empire".


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