Quantum of Solace

"Joy is not in things; it is in us."
     --Richard Wagner

"Grief is perhaps an unknown territory for you. You might feel both helpless and hopeless without a sense of a "map" for the journey. Confusion is the hallmark of a transition. To rebuild both your inner and outer world is a major project."                      --Anne Grant

The morning light streaming
through the windows should have
heated the amber in his eyes
but the flicker has now evaporated.
Prayers should be said in Latin.
On a clear day one would be able
to see a great distance.
Sometimes I almost hated the thing.
“Why are there so many people here?”
I would be startled by the first view of it.
Hearts heavy with impending grief.
I turned away from the windows
wandering back through
the comparative privacy etched
into my own soul.
A hushed silence fell.


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