Philippine roasted pig is one of the world's bests

Philippine roasted pig or locally known as "lechon baboy" is one of the bests in the world. It has become a Filipino trademark and will always be served during Philippine festivals and special gatherings and occasions. Time magazine has one time featured and labeled it as Asia's most delicious pig.

The history of pig roasting could be traced back in as far as ancient time China where a man found of what was the remains of a pig trapped inside his burned down house. It was perhaps the first roasted pig in the world and that discovery by accident paved the way to making it  later on most delicious by adding the right spices, precious oils, and the cooking process. The Philippine roasted pig is what the roasted turkey to Americans and the roasted lamb by the Greeks.

One of the most delicious roasted Philippine pigs could be found in Cebu, Central Philippines. But there are also other places in the Philippines that cooked just as delicious and one fine example is in Balayan, Batangas where they had a yearly "lechon" festival parading all of the best lechons in town atop a float in the streets. The date is June 24 and at least 50 lechons will be fielded, decorated and dressed for a chosen theme.

This month of May is a month of festivals and roasted pigs will be served as the main dish on every table--even symbolic--as no Philippine festival is complete without it. I had eaten a roasted pig just a few days ago during a picnic at the resort. The taste was as yummy as it's always been but I needed to only eat a small portion of its meat as the cholesterol level is high with every bite.

Roasted pig is best served with cooked sweet potatoes and a cold beer for a drink. It is, to some degree, unhealthy as a food as well as some of the activities that may revolve around it like drinking alcoholic beverages etcetera but the fun and enjoyment being produced out of it could somehow boost the immune system of everyone involved. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something to be able to reach out to others, eat with them, drink, talk, socialize, and be merry (not because tomorrow you will die) but because you had a portion of your self you need to share about for good. Still, moderation should be observed at all times though.


  1. Cebu in Visayas and Digos City in Mindanao got the best lechon baboy in PH.

  2. Yes, I absolutely agree with you on that.


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