Pacquiao decisions Mosley in 12 captivating rounds

Pacquiao wins via 12-round unanimous decision over Mosley which further cemented his legacy as one of boxing's all time greats.

We have just witnessed how boxing's current pound-for-pound king Manny "Pac-man" Pacquiao outclassed former three-time world champion Sugar Shane Mosley in a fight where the speed once again proved to neutralize size and power. I predicted a Pacquiao victory via the short route within six rounds the article of which I have posted  on this blogsite last May 02, 2011. Manny Pacquiao, as it appeared to be, made Mosley looks like a tired dog and my pre-fight analysis which the outcome of the fight  failed to agree still put a smile on my face knowing that the third round knockdown, should Mosley had failed to survive, will make me a prophet.

What's more exciting about the Pac-man's speed is that it is loaded with power making it all the more a very dangerous lethal combination weapon. Mosley may have had the chance to turn the tide on in rounds 8, 9, and 10 where he landed big right hand  power shots but the smaller Pacquiao seemed like to be taking all of those shots from a much bigger guy just easy and managed to exchange with right jabs followed by left hooks. To the surprise of many, referee Kenny Bayless mistakenly called a Pacquiao slip caused by Mosley's pushing of Manny Pacquiao with his right hand a knockdown in the 10th round.

It was Pacquiao's left hook to the head that sent Mosley down to the canvass a minute left on the third round but the more experienced Mosley managed to beat up the count and is on a survival mode since then. Mosley and Pacquiao have had a common opponent in Antonio Margarito where Mosley was able to knock him out while Manny settled for a unanimous decision. Still, I've had given the edge to Manny Pacquiao over Mosley for facing a fighter in Margarito who outweighs him by 17 pounds when they entered the ring and painted grotesque upon his face.

Pacquiao has become this era's Ali, or perhaps more,  taking with him every single fight he will be faced with into the ring as well as outside of it to victory and never forgetting to thank God afterwards for all the blessings received. Mosley is a nice guy and a great warrior but the night belongs to Manny Pacquiao who, after 12 grueling rounds, ended victorious. His fight is both the symbolic and literal sense of it--an inspiration to those who, by the story of his life, can relate with at.


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