How to unleash the writer in you: For the beginners and aspiring to be one

One of the best form of expressions is through writing. It is fun, relieves stress, helps improve vocabulary, and develops creativity. However, not all of us are born writers, and there are some who really are struggling at it.

I think we are all writers and poets in our own right. For those who can't express it well of their thoughts and emotions through the written words, here's some simple tips to help you out of it from which I have to base from personal experience:

1. Write what you know. This could mean you have to write down any particular idea, event, thing, place, and person that you would like to be written about and support it with details. Make it simple, expressing in the language you're most comfortable with.

2. Write to express, not to impress. One of the things that keep us from writing effectively on a particular subject is that we are putting so much effort trying to impress others than to simply just express of what it is we would like to convey about.

3. Be yourself. Writing requires that you only have to express it your way. Later on, you will learn by experience that what used to be your simple expression will have to impress a many.

4. Write it all down now, edit afterwards. The best way to write something is to actually write it down. Start writing it all down now if you have something in your mind that you would like to write about. Chances are, if you don't write it down right away, it will somehow be blown away by the wind, and worst, even allowing creativity to jump out of the window. Write as much as you can and edit later on. You will be surprised at how much your writing of a particular subject starts taking shape.

5. Read. The more you read, the more you learn. And the more you learn, the better you will become at writing. Reading exposed us to other writer's writing style, choice of words, and ideas which can help a lot improving our own.

6. Think of writing as a fun, and not a burden. When you start to think that writing is a burden, then you'll surely be having hard time becoming a writer.


  1. Napoleon, this is good advice, very good advice. Well written, my friend!

  2. Thank you, John. You are a good writer and I enjoyed reading everything you write about for any topic.


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