How to maintain a healthy relationship with your special someone

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your special someone is something that requires skills and a considerable amount of patience as well. Relationships could break up for a lot of reasons but it would have been prevented if you know how to do it. Love is not just a feeling but as well an ability.

Healthy relationships produce healthy environment that would bring a positive attitude to anyone involved. Most behavioral problems a human being developed could be traced up back to bad relationships starting at home. There are, of course, no perfect relationships but we can always try to make the best way possible of what we've got. Here's some few tips on how to make the best out of your relationship with someone you considered special:

1. Be humorous. A sense of humor is essential in a relationship. Make your partner laugh and find those things that you know could light up his or her mood. It's the tension between being childish without getting silly and a comedian without getting boring at the same time that will bring out the best of whatever it is that you could offer.  

2. Remind your partner how much you love him or her daily. It's not by just saying the words, but by showing how much he or she is being valued each passing day in every form. To be able to show to your partner how much she or he is being valued everyday is an ability every lover must possess.

3. Cut off your pride. Pride should have no place in a relationship. The moment you wear on that "pride" thing in you it would be difficult for the relationship to grow and prosper. It's just this simple a logic: if you love someone take away your pride, if you can't then don't love at all.

4. Be optimistic. Sometimes when a relationship is faced with difficulties you have to be dealing reality with a positive attitude. Talk it out to your partner as if you're presenting a case before the court: cite those things that are causing all the problem, offer solutions, and together you'll do to solving it all out for good.

5. Put God in the center of your relationship. Encourage your partner to be God-fearing. Take time to go to church together to hear mass, pray, and give thanks to the Almighty God. Be a guiding light to your partner.

6. Be patient. Don't rush in making decisions but allow some time for your self to see the matter clearly. Patience is a virtue and is worth rewarding in a relationship.

7. Don't get so demanding. Don't ask what your partner can't give you but take only what he or she can afford to offer. You can't give what you don't have, can you?

8. Love unconditionally. This is to sum it all up, love is the only thing that keeps relationships intact despite all the odds. Keep loving!


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