From Hitler to Bin Laden: Pope John Paul II outshines to represent a stark contrast

The raid leading to the capture and death (as what the news report has told) of the world's number one terrorist at the hands of US Navy Seals team six in his Abbottabad, Pakistan hideout last May 1st, 2011 was a big boost to United States's war on terrorism. The war on terror, which was triggered by a terrorist attack in New York City's Twin Towers a decade ago, has been carried out full force with all guns pointing to and against the man considered as the chief architect and America's most wanted in the person of Osama Bin Laden. The war goes on and never stops for as long as there will be threats to our security as a people regardless of  race, gender, age, nationality, and belief but to also keep the 9/11 incident from happening again.

Bin Laden's grounds for waging war against America which he calls the Evil may have been caused by a lot of deep-seated reasons, might even bring us back to the time of the Crusades. Muslims calling the non-Muslims "Infidels" and Christians calling the Muslims "Unbelievers". But he probably might have just taken it too selfishly and personal which fuels the fire of his dream about building a pure Arab state free of any foreign influence.

Hitler, on the other hand, best represents on what kind of terror he was capable of inflicting under the cloak of his own belief which resulted in the extermination of more than six million Jews during World War II. And we also have to include the Cambodian Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot responsible for the death of millions of Cambodians during his reign among the list of history's bad boys bringing more darkness into the world. But it has always been that way from the beginning: the battle for supremacy between the good and evil.

The Roman Catholic Church  has beatified the late Pope John Paul II last May 1st which was the final route towards sainthood. He has done a lot of good things to the world during his papacy. His life outshines to become the beautiful light that guides when others try to turn it off.


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