What love is love enchanting you?

"The love that is enchanting me,  comes from the depths of you...It is the love that clouds my eyes, a game I want to play..but only play to win..Too many times I have loved, too many times I have hurt..The love that enchants me, is the one I want to have faith in!" --Commented by Sarah Brown, a best friend of mine, as a counterpoint, upon reading this poem of mine.

What love is love enchanting you?
From out of depths I need to know;
Is it the dust that clouds your eyes?
Or simply just a way to go?

Is it the game you wish to play?
To promise more and never keep?
Is it the cheaper kind of thing
That brought you dreams while you’re asleep?

Too many such a love exists
Between whose lovers faked a show;
Or keep the faith when you’re in love,
What love is love enchanting you?


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