Royal Wedding

Today, Great Britain's Prince William will be united in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony with soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton. The Royal Wedding will be taking place at the historical Westminster Abbey of London, England. Prince William was Princess of Wales Diana and Prince of Wales Charles's eldest son of two children with Prince Harry being the younger of the two.

Great Britain or better known also as the United Kingdom was just among the few nations of the world today that has still been keeping and preserving monarchy throughout history although it has to be a sort of like symbolic in nature or carrying out a mostly ceremonial role in modern day United Kingdom where the Prime Minister is the head of the government. Queen Elizabeth II was England's current reigning Queen. The Queen is a constitutional monarch with limited powers.

Back in 2001, the world was shocked when Nepal's Crown Prince Dipendra massacred his entire Royal Family with an automatic rifle before committing suicide. Prince Dipendra  was about to be wed to his long-time girlfriend which according to insiders believed to be disliked by his parents--the King and Queen. But that was just a very isolated case among Royal Families and I believed there must be some other deeper reasons leading to the massacre.

In the near future, Prince William will be crowned as King--a modern day English King. Will he be sharing a piece of King Richard the First's "lionhearted" trademark back to the Crusader's time or what would the British people expect out of him? They would be saying, for sure, as I(although not a Briton) would also wish to say, "long live the king!"

The Royal Wedding should be viewed with as a fine example of how much marriage has been given greater value in the first place. It is to show the union of two souls as one in the name of love and with God's blessings. Congratulations to the newly wed couple and may their tribe increase!


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