Remembering Christ's death

April 21 and 22 of this year will be marked as non-working holidays in the Philippines and in other parts of the world as well. Roman Catholics will be observing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ who came to the world a little over 2000 years ago. The exact date is subject for a debate because there's nobody ever to have  recorded with acute correctness to erase any doubt assuring that what is being observed as Christ's death anniversary falls on the right date.

Is there anyone who have successfully recorded with perpetual continuity the accurate calendar that would bring us back even to the world's creation? No one. We could only have to guess or create something that we would like to believe or assume as true. Not even science with all the methods applied validating it. All will be reduced to a wise guess.

There's nothing wrong with science and I'm not against it, the fact that it never contradicts with the mystical only proved my claim to be true. But the problems may lie in the conversions of these scientific facts to fit with and into the sphere outside of its scope. It's like playing the game of chess where each of the player could only think of something that would be a solution to a puzzle limited for what the 64 square boards could have generated when, outside the chessboard, is a vast world of possibilities where some are beyond human comprehensions.

To remember Christ's death even on a wrong date is a way lot better than to never observe at all. To remember is not only for what the numerical value of the event worthy of remembrance but, most importantly, the event itself. We have to keep Christ in our hearts as He has kept us in Him.

Self-sacrificing fanatics who would do everything from inflicting pain to their bodies as a form of penitence to getting crucified would headline the news come Good Friday. Love them or hate them, let them be, as in that case it will be minding your own business. What then if they have literally interpreted the whole thing but did it ever happen to cross in their minds about the adage that says,  "when the body suffers, the spirit flowers"?

I am extending my deepest sympathy and respect to the whole Christian world in observing the life, death, and resurrection of Christ Jesus. And here's a poem I wrote for only in special occasions such as this one:

Christ death was meant for all of us
That we would live eternally;
He gave his life and through that cross
Will guide us through and lead the way.


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