Cooling off the summer heat

At some point of your life, in the middle of a journey, you need to take a break to give your self some space for fun and recreation. It is through this temporary interruption from the usual that a soul gets recharged enabling him to soothe the weary muscles hardened by time. But yet the short period of time intended for that purpose should be spent with precautions though.

If you're in tropical countries like the Philippines at this time of year you'd surely be sweating it all out even for a few minutes of spending outdoor walking under the scorching fury of the sun. March is the onset of Philippine summer which could last a few months until the rainy season takes over. And now that it's April, summer heat could be felt everywhere and is peaking. I can imagine what kinda things there are a lot to do with your summer vacation but I was particularly more aware of the way that a heat should be dealt with than the fun being gained from recklessly risking of yourself into.

Too much exposure to the sun not only in summertime but at any time of year is risking your health. You could get skin cancer which is far more worse than a sunburn. According to a study, light-skinned people tend to be more prone to getting skin cancer than the dark-skinned ones. This is due to the fact that the melanin, a compound responsible for skin pigmentation, is found lacking or insufficient among light-skinned people. The melanin serves, to a certain degree, to protect the skin from the direct effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Although dark-skinned people are less likely to get skin cancer should in no way set aside the fact that "too much" is not good.

The sun, which is just one of the countless stars in the unfathomable universe that we know, could either be the provider of life or something that destroys it. We have to put its radiating light and heat into good use. Beaches resorts will be filled to the brim with a lot of people(both locals and foreigners) and we have to thank God for the beautiful weather. In the meantime, here's some few tips on how to protect yourself against the harmful UV rays of the sun and also what should be done to cool off the summer heat:

1. Apply sunblock lotion each time you go outdoor. Look for the label with at least SPF45 UVA/UVB sun protection in a waterproof base. Re-apply as needed.

2. Wear universally approved eye shades  to protect your eyes from the damaging effect of direct sun exposure.

3. Don't overexpose or sunbath between 9AM to 3PM without any a sunblock lotion applied on.

4. Drink plenty of water  including fruit shakes and juices to prevent dehydration.

5. A cold bath twice a day is recommended.

6. Cool off your temper.

The road may be long and winding but a nice stop freshens the whole being so as to be invigorated once more for another day of traveling. We need the encouragement of others, inspiration of friends, comforting words of a stranger, guidance from God, and love from whoever can offer--these and more are the elements leading to a soul's summer. It is the only summer where you can't get skin can cancer, sunburn, or even heatwave, from too much exposure to its sun. Stay warm!


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