"Transfiguration is living by vision: standing foursquare in the midst of a broken, tortured, oppressed, starving, dehumanizing reality, yet seeing the invisible, calling to it to come, behaving as if it is on the way, sustained by elements of it that have come already, within and among us..." --Walter Wink

Somehow you would have coalesced out
of the impending Abstract 
like a wild thing that sent
a tingling sensation
along my spine;
like a dancing flame 
occupied in a crowd
of different colors or
a spark igniting in a cloud of dusts in the purity of night; like
the gray light on a misty day;
like words of wisdom shining
on everybody.
I caught my breath
at the sight
of your gleaming eyes
still lingered with awe: there was sharpness in them
cutting into
the shadowed depths
of my being.


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