Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vers Experimentus

"We should have done a lot of things, but neither of us could have known..I wish we could, I wish we did..sometimes the illusion, creates our reality...and as much as it sometimes hurts..it makes us who we are..You are already amazing, so how can this change you..only for the better, I hope, but you are the best there is to be..as for me, I will learn..move forward, and maybe back..right to where we started..I should have had wings, so I could fly to this place..so I could watch you sleeping.."--commented by Sarah Brown, a best friend of mine, after reading my poem 'Vers Experimentus'.

i should have watched you
hugging streams of light
in the utmost longing of it…
i should have warned you that
a yellow shoe with wires
on it only impair one’s traiting
of a suffocated room
for ambience. i should have realized
you were a spot of a certain’s
ceiling oozing out blood… you were
a part of it…and everything
breathes to harmonize with you…
these walls must have been
i should have teached
how to drive a car, to count the s t a r s, and
eat tomatoes…
you should have knocked
me out of your mind… i should have meant it…i should have meant it…i should
a humming bird and some keys
just couldn’t be found out…what else should i want
out of this illusion?
sometimes a box
dark corner
danced with the flame
it only had…i should have been naked…
you should have watched me sleeping
on a bed of comets of which skies it must be there…
i should have better fixed up the door
like a dawn creeping,
like a dawn creeping

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