This matter of racial intolerance

A thousand things flashed through my mind as I watched  UCLA student Alexandra Wallace's racist rant video on youtube this afternoon. She clearly expressed her distastefulness against Asians although she had defended it with a reason of her own. So here was another case of racism again to be reacted with from the way it must be viewed upon and resolved.

I was reminded of how one of  boxing's top pound-for-pound contenders Floyd Mayweather Jr. had verbally abused fellow boxer and pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino people. His was a racial slur of  an even greater magnitude than that of  Wallace's. Mayweather Jr., by the way, is a black American and it's unusual for non-white Americans to racially discriminate other races as they were, by and through history, once a  looked down people themselves. Mayweather Jr.'s racial attack on Pacquiao could have probably sprung from the fact about his being an American and for Pacquiao being not. Racism is all pure ignorance. It could be traced up back even to the earliest times of our civilization when people began to form factions and groups among themselves with each differing, in one way or another,  from the other. And so began the battle for supremacy and superiority since then.

In Biblical times, God forbids the Hebrew people from marrying a non-Hebrew. During the Second World War Hitler exterminated millions of Jews out of hatred and out of the belief that only the German race is a master race. The United States's bombing of Hiroshima and Nagazaki with atomic bombs in World War II could be somehow put to a question on the grounds of a racist act for why should the Germans(which are a white race) be spared of that same bombs dropped on Japanese soil.

When God forbids the Hebrew from marrying a non-Hebrew in Patriarchal Israel's time, it was meant for a very special purpose. He wanted to spare the Hebrew people from the influences of the unbelievers of that time. It was not racism but a way of preserving a race by which His only son should come from in the incarnate form to save the world from sins. Wallace's issue, on the other hand, is the assumption that the only good thing to be is the thing that concerns her own. And so with Hitler and his plan to rebirth the Reichstag  of pure Germans. As for the Americans during World War II, it's something personal against the Japs avenging the Pearl Harbor incident. Mayweather is an ugly idiot when he turns racist.

Wallace's racist rant may have angered all Asians(including myself) but we have to forgive her. We have to also consider the fact that she didn't know what she's talking about and we must show to her how highly educated we are in confronting such delicate issues as this one. After all, she had only herself to represent with at, and not all of America. Racism should be a thing of the past. We need to fully understand that God loves variety like in the beauty that a rainbow could bring out of its many rich and different colors.


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