There comes a flood, flowers may die

Here's a poem I wrote about a year ago when a devastating deluge had hit the Philippines that have taken away the lives and properties of many. The message that I would like to convey in this poem is all about "Hope" and I am using the concept/metaphor of a flood destroying a garden to best portray of that. Horrible things happen to people and to each one of us. But there's always hope and it is the only thing we truly need to survive.

There comes a flood, flowers may die
But not the will to grow again;
For afterward when flood abates
There must be new things growing seen.

With all of what a Nature's might
Let flood destroy my garden dear;
And though these raging waters kill
Some living things--I need not fear.

The day will be so bright again
Tomorrow when the sun goes up;
My garden will be soon restored
Where flowers bloom and so does hope.


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