Some kind of peace

There is some kind of peace that springs from the joy of  doing what the heart is not telling you. Like, for example, if the heart tells you to be selfish when you have to selflessly reach out yourself to others. And so on and so forth. It is to do what the heart tells you otherwise that saves you from falling into the trap.

  The heart can be the most powerful instrument of destruction but it could also be an equally powerful instrument that restores everything into order. It just all depends on what you would like to feed it on. It is capable of transforming a person into a monster machine of death or an angel of life as well. But, the good thing is, in spite of everything, people are truly good at heart. There is some kind of peace that dwells in the heart of everyone and it will bring us back to the most basic and potent of solutions: Love.

  Peace begins in the heart and its number one agent is love. If there is love in the heart then there will be peace. Peace is attained from doing the opposite of what the heart's desire to gain advantage from others. If  each one of us finds peace within ourselves, then world peace is easily achieved.

  Love is the only way to peace and not through the use of  a violent force, selfishness, hatred, and vengeance. The fire needs water to put its own flame down and not by putting more wood to the flame. You can argue with me on this and I will respect you for that with a hope that the conversation we will be making out of the arguments being discussed could lead us to better understanding  and not as something that misleads.

  A lot has been made and done to restore and preserve peace in the world, and a lot has been lost and gone. You can be the peacemaker or the troublemaker. Peace or war. These two opposing forces are in a constant battle for supremacy with each other since time immemorial and will have anyone to contribute. So may I ask, which side are you?


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