A Riddle

"...and visitors from far places/coming after the long midnight...beyond the edge of the light/and at the borders of the dawn's...from holding fast/into the main/where new birth/is only/natural miracle..."--Charles Foster on "Victoria Mundi's 'Victoria Mundi'"

"...that miracle when all is clarity and mystery, all is one and infinitely various, where nothing is explained and there is in that moment no need for explanation."--Charles Foster on "Victoria Mundi's 'Notes from a Journal'"

"...which is numbered 0-0604."--Charles Foster on "Victoria Mundi's 'The Breakers'"

Of a poet's room
Like swords all in a row
To thrust the gloom;
And brighter yet you'll see
Your Self somewhere
Dazed by the heat of Day
Now coming near.
A mortal's dread will go away
In haste
For Truth would soon be here to fill
The waste;
Or let a thing retains its usual form
So it may be adored amidst a storm.


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