Inspired by Pablo Neruda's 'Enigmas' as well as his other poems, this poem was written as a counterpoint and, in as much as a way of chasing that persona where I left him, a voice to such an emotion only served to intensify it.

Surviving such
an encounter with your own demons
antes de aceptar un desastre.
This morning,
my heart rose high with
the sun, watching
the first lasers of light
illuminating the blanket of mist.
A cool breeze swirls.
I regret
that my verses cannot please you.
Me dio un buen consejo.
Is that when you stumbled upon
the lost thoughts?
Yet, like tender shoots of grass pushing
through a sidewalk, something
has been recovered.
Querer es poder.
Therefore, don't hurry. Entonces
no te apures. Although
the significance of your elements
will be lost on me, bestowing that gift,
resilient, like daisies, thriving
wherever they were planted.


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