Proud to be Filipino

This morning I searched for the youtube video of Maria Aragon, a ten-year-old singing Filipina who resides in Canada along with her parents. I happened to watch the news about her in the entertainment news portion of a local television. I never heard anything about this girl before until last night. I should have browsed the net and look for her video but I was just too tired to do anything else than to sleep after that.

So this morning I gave in to curiosity. Her voice was very nice and she sings with her heart in it. She could be a star someday although a little younger than Justin Bieber's. Her own version of a Lady Gaga song she had beautifully interpreted and given justice with what the song deserves. But the fact that she was, like myself, a Filipino only makes it more exciting and special. I'm so proud of her. Proud to be Filipino.

Filipino talents are world class and the number of new talents being discovered continue to rise. Manny Pacquiao's rags-to-riches story of his life puts him at the top of his sport which is boxing and has also been one time featured in Time magazine. His life was an inspiration for all of us. That's his contribution to the world. And who among us here can't praise Charice Pempengco's powerfully-charged voice at only such a young age? So that she was being coined as the little girl with a big voice.

I'm not saying, after all, that because I'm proud of my own race should as well follow that I hate other races. I'm only proud being a Filipino in such a way that I know that a Filipino has contributed and to hopefully continue to contribute something good to the world just like any other race could. I feel like we are citizens of the world and that every human being must contribute something for the betterment of our world be it in the arts, music, sports, or in any other field to make us all proud of who we are.


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